Rencana IMEU IV di Palembang Sumatera Selatan

Indonesia–Middle East Update: Promoting Relation and Cooperation in the Field of Trade, Investment and Tourism is an annual business event (plus tourism excitement) jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia and provinces governments as well as in cooperation with the Indonesian Missions in the Middle East countries.

The Event, which does not require any registration fee (free of charges), consists of several attractive business activities aiming at promoting greater economic cooperation between Indonesian entrepreneurs (including small and medium enterprises) and Middle East business communities. It gathers businessperson from various fields or business cores — ranging from products of mining, plantation, agriculture and horticultura, forestry, livestock, fisheries, food and beverages, etc.

On October, 8th – 9th 2010, the Event will be convened in Palembang which is located precisely in South Sumatera Province.

The Committee welcomes all of the applicants who are willing to come to the Pontianak, Indonesia for grabbing the chance of business and investment meeting and enjoying the leisure of tourism resorts and attractions. In due course, the Committee is looking forward to welcoming the participants in the Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport of Palembang. In addition, by arranging several business activities plus pleasure gathering and visiting the most exciting and beautiful resorts in the South Sumatera Province, the Committee will make sure that participants get gentle, remarkable and comfortable companion during their participation in the Event of Indonesia – Middle East Update.

Similar to the Committee, the people and the high ranks officials of South Sumatera Province Authorities are glad to entertain the Middle East businessmen. In this regard, the welcoming dinner and cultural performance will be presented by local Government and the committee.

Our best effort and commitment to prepare and accomplish the Event prove Indonesia’s seriousness in promoting better economic cooperation with the international, particularly Middle East business community.

See you soon in Palembang.

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