ARRIVAL DAY (28 June 2010)

At 7 p.m. the Governor ot West Kalimantan Province will welcome all delegate in City Hall (Pendopo Gurbenuran). An opening ceremony of the event will be presided by the Governor and a Keynote Speech will be delivered by the Director General for Asia Pacific and Africa Affairs of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to a welcoming dinner which will be hosted by the Governor himself.

DAY ONE (29 June 2010)

One-on-One Business Meeting would be the focus of the program at the first day. Prior to the Business Meeting, the participants are welcomed by short presentation of H.E. Ambassador of the Republic Indonesia for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and followed by Officials from Trade, Investment and Tourism Bodies. One hours presentation provides such beneficial information needed by both local and foreign companies such as opportunity of the Middle East market, investment opportunities and trade potential of West Kalimantan Province, rule and regulation of doing business in Indonesia and Middle East, investment and trade regulation, the Do’s and Don’ts as well as other much needed input for new comers to Indonesian and Middle East business environment. The seminar will be followed by an interactive dialogue. The Governor is planned to becoming the moderator the dialogue.

During the registration, the Committee will provide refreshment and offer list of inquiries that help the participants finding their potential counterparts, whom they will meet in the Forum of One-on-One Business Meeting. This Meeting — a kind of buyers meet sellers activity — is designed to create wider and exclusive opportunity for participants from Indonesia and Middle East to get to know and start a business deal. The 10 to 20 minutes meeting (depending on the number of participants) will see two different business entities making a business introduction and setting up probable arrangement to carry on a closer cooperation. When the Meeting running smoothly or both parties agree to talk deeply, it is much advised that they proceed the meeting with another meeting soon on other occasion or other time. While the committee arrange the one-on-one business meeting, Ambassadors or Embassy’s Representative would be invited at an Investment Forum held by the Government of West Kalimantan Province.

It is the Committee’s expectation and great pleasure to see the Meeting is able to wrap up many concrete business and investment deals and commitment of both Parties from Indonesia and Middle East. Also, the only reward that can amuse the Committee is to summarize that Indonesian and Middle East entrepreneurs will continue a productive cooperation in the future.

Mini Exhibition

In the mean time, several companies from West Kalimantan Province and nearby are invited to have a product display. Therefore — while attending the Meeting — the participants can leisurely glance through the lobby to look around the displayed products.


Before concluding the business day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests the Participants’ companionship at the dinner, which will be held in a floating boat restaurant which will ride the participants along the Kapuas River, the longest river in Indonesia.

DAY TWO (30 June 2010)

After one day meeting, the Participants are invited to enjoy a field trip around West Kalimantan Province. The Participants will visit two multinational companies and another tourism objects.

During the day, Participants are also invited to attend a great lunch hosted by the Government of West Kalimantan Province in one of the best halal-restaurant in town.

Note: Transportation to the locations is prepared by the committee.


28 JUNE 2010

Arrival of Middle East Entrepreneurs Delegate, Indonesian’s Mission Representatives, and MoFA’s Officials

Welcoming Dinner

Host     :  Governor of West Kalimantan Province
Venue  :  City Hall (to be confirmed)

Remarks by Official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)
Keynote Speech by  Director General for Asia, Pacific and Africa Affairs, MoFA
Remarks by Governor of West Kalimantan Province, followed with the opening of Indonesia Middle East Update

Exchange of Plaques or Souvernir
Photo Session

DAY ONE,  29 JUNE 2010

Registration of participants (refreshment provided)

SEMINAR and INTERACTIVE DIALOGUE (interpreter provided)

Venue: Ballroom – Grand Mahkota Hotel

  • Presentations on opportunity of Middle East Market by Indonesian Ambassador
  • Presentations on investment opportunities of West Kalimantan Province by Chairman of Investment Board
  • Presentations on trade potential  of West Kalimantan Province by Chairman of Chamber of Commerce
  • Presentation on investment and trade regulations and incentives by Chairman of Development Board

Interactive Dialogues, Moderator : the Governor of West Kalimantan Province 



between Indonesian and Middle East Businessman

Venue : Ballroom – Grand Mahkota Hotel
Participants will be accompanied by Officials for Economic Affairs of Indonesian Missions or Trade Attaché of Indonesian Missions

Lunch Break and Shalat

Continuation of the Business Meeting (refreshment provided & will be served)


between West Kalimantan Investment Board and Middle East Ambassadors

Venue : City Hall (to be confirmed)

  • Welcomed by the Governor of West Kalimantan Province
  • Presentation on economic potentials and interests of the Middle East Middle East investors by Indonesian Ambassador
  • Detail Presentation on Investment Projects will be delivered by West Kalimantan Investment Board

Lunch Break and Shalat

Continuation of the Investment Forum

Host    :  Director General for Asia, Pacific and Africa Affairs, MoFA
Venue :  to be confirmed

DAY TWO, 30 JUNE 2010

  • 07.30–08.20       Participants gathered in hotel lobby
  • 08.30–09.30       Visiting PT Bumi Pratama Khatulistiwa (CPO)
  • 10.30–11.00        Visiting Aloe Vera Center
  • 11.30–13.00        Visiting PT. Niramas (Lunch will be provided)
  • 13.00–14.00       Visiting PT. Steadfast Marine (shipbuilding and engineering)
  • 14.00–15.00       Visiting Aloe Vera Plantation
  • 16.00–17.00       Visiting Equator Monument (Tugu Khatulistiwa).
    Back to hotel and Free Programme

1 JULY 2010

Delegates departs to Jakarta