How to Join

  1. No Registration Fee is required.
  2. Please fill in the registration form and return it to the committee or to the nearest Indonesian Embassy/Consulate.
  3. The participants should pay for their own expenses, such as transportation to Indonesia (Jakarta, Pontianak) and back to the Middle East, accommodation, personal transportation and other personal expenses.
  4. Participants should contact officials of economic and/or consular affairs of the Indonesian Missions in the Middle East Countries, which will coordinate the visit to the Pontianak, West Kalimantan.
  5. Other immigration matters should be finalized in the nearest Indonesian Missions before departing to Indonesia and/or West Kalimantan.
  6. On a request basis, the Organizing Committee will help the Participants make reservation room in the Grand Mahkota Hotel, Pontianak.
  7. The Participants may book the room directly in the Hotel and please kindly inform the Committee for the reservation and the arrival.

Download Registration Form Here